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Salt cave – the best escape from frequent colds and humid climate.

The atmosphere of a salt cave artificially recreates the microclimate of salt mines, dry salt aerosol is sprayed in it, it is practically sterile.

The salt cave is useful for almost all the most common respiratory diseases and for smokers, for the prevention of frequent acute respiratory infections, influenza, bronchitis and pneumonia. The salt cave is good for the prevention of occupationally harmful diseases, and is also very effective for skin diseases.

A frequently ill child will feel good in a salt cave, for whom diathesis, allergies, weakened immunity are a constant problem, and there are a lot of such children in modern environmental conditions.

Staying in a salt cave allows you to get a good psycho-emotional relief, strengthen immunity at minimal cost.

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Facial treatments with French professional cosmetics COLLIN

Intense moisturizing treatment (60 min.)
Facial skin cleansing (demo makeup) + toning + scrub + peeling + facial massage + mask + cream (additionally eye care mask + cream)

Treatment for sensitive skin (60 min.)
Facial skin cleansing toning + peeling + massage + mask + serum + cream
cream (additional eye care mask + cream)

Oily skin treatment (60 min.)
Facial cleansing scrub + peeling + toning + massage + mask + toning + cream

Anti-aging facial treatment (60 min.)
Facial skin cleansing (make-up remover) + toning + scrub + peeling + toning + facial massage + mask + concentrate + cream
(additional eye care mask + cream)

Exclusive anti-aging treatment MORPHO-SKIN peeling (60 min.)
Corrects signs of aging. Make-up removal + cellular regeneration with ”Dermo – Corrector” + peeling removal + neutralization + cream treatment (restructuring)

Facial treatments with professional Israeli cosmetics CHRISTINA SANODERM

step 1: cleansing soap-gel. (whitening keratolic effect)
step 2: peeling scrub. (deep cleansing of the skin and removal of its keratinized scales)
step 3: peeling cream pH 3.5 – 4.0 (gently removes non-viable cells, stimulates the formation of new tissue)
step 4: Exfoliant (increases skin permeability to active drugs)
step 5: Treatment – ​​Lotion (antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and keratolic effect, stimulates skin cells)
step 6: Active-Solution (cleansing, moisturizing and smoothing the color and surface of the skin)
step 7: Bleaching-solution (removes dead cells, reduces the appearance of acne, quickly heals micro injuries)
step 8: Maska (relieves irritation adsorbs excess sebum)

Bio Phyto Peeling – for all skin types.

1. improves blood circulation (pale tired face)
2. enhances epithelialization and regeneration (defects in texture and color)
3. has a cooling effect, narrows dilated capillaries. (oily dry seborrhea)
4. deeply cleanses the pores of the skin, regulates the function of the sebaceous glands. (Acne and post-acne)
5. pronounced antibacterial action ()
6. saturates the skin with vitamins: (A, U, groups B, F) premature aging.
Peeling solves aesthetic skin problems
pale tired face
texture and color defects
oily dry seborrhea
acne and post-acne
premature aging
rosacea (spider veins)

Natural Biological Fibers.
1. SOS – a procedure to quickly improve the appearance of the skin.
Anti-stress procedure (flaccid, tired skin)
Rejuvenating program 6-15 procedures 7-10 days.
Acute sun damage.
Rapid weight loss with fasting and dieting.
Skin care during pregnancy and breastfeeding (the drug has no contraindications)

Forever young Men- set for men.

The preparation consists of 3 steps:
The drug contains active high-tech ingredients, which is simply necessary to create a unique style. After the procedure, the skin becomes well-groomed.

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Thanks to aromatherapy using essential oils, we can regain vigor and health.

Hidden in the tiny glands of plants, potent volatiles have many beneficial properties.

Baths, massages, and inhalations with essential oils can boost our immunity, promote health, and improve overall well-being.

Using essential oils as directed is free from side effects, which is important when more and more people are aware of the potential harms of certain chemical drugs.

The range of effects of essential oils is wide and varied, but above all, their antiseptic properties and the ability to maintain our mental balance and physical fitness stand out.

Using aromatherapy, you will find a new taste for life.

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For centuries, people have enjoyed the healing properties of warm water by bathing in geysers and hot springs.

Now it is possible in the SPA “Pegasa Pils”.
Immersion in warm water dilates blood vessels, increases blood circulation, and increases the flow of oxygen to all tissues of the body.

The spa’s hydromassage pools perfectly combine the pleasure of bathing with the beneficial effects of heat and massage.

Hot water jets can actively stimulate your muscles, soothe you with their gentle touch, produce a deep intense or soft superficial massage.

Immersion in the spa restores strength after physical exertion, eliminates stress, relieves tension in the joints, helps with bruises and sprains.

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Chocolate wrapp

During the chocolate wrap procedure, the skin is cleansed, its top layer is exfoliated, and the massage and chocolate mask following this restore freshness, healthy color to the skin and create a general feeling of harmony between body and soul.

Chocolate wrap is a real present for the skin because the ingredients contained in chocolate normalize oily skin easily, moisturize dry and even help rejuvenate mature skin and make it more supple and elastic and everything is because chocolate contains antioxidants, protects the cells of the body from premature aging.

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Thalassotherapy – (from the Greek – the sea) is one of the effective methods for correcting cosmetic problems.
Algae preparations uniquely combine biologically active substances.

They have a general health-improving and restorative effect on the entire body, and help to increase immunity.

Our spa center “Pegasa Pils” uses algae preparations from the French company “ALGOTHERM” in its procedures.

The algae wrap course is
· solving an aesthetic problem – overweight, cellulite, flabbiness of the skin;
· remineralization – saturation with minerals and trace elements;
· cleansing and detoxification;
· general relaxation and restoration of vitality, strengthening of immunity;
· skin care.

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