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    Provision of services at the "Hotel, SPA, Resort and Tourism Center PEGASA PILS (HSRTC Pegasa Pils).

    Provision of services at the Complex "Pegasa Pils." Boutique Hotel 4* SPA & Resort Kurorta–Rehabilitācijas, Ārstniecības, Sanatorija un SPA.

    Historical Art Nouveau Architecture Ensemble in Latvia, Jurmala, Juras iela 60.

    Nothing is as cheap or as expensive as courtesy.

    The Guest (Client) (You) has acquired services and/or other items, thereby entering into a transaction and thereby concluding an Agreement, including with Complex "Pegasa Pils," and has accepted all rules and requirements, including those of the legislator!

    In the course of the transaction, the Guest (Client) repeatedly agrees to the rules, booking conditions, and the receipt of services, etc. The Customer's transaction for the receipt of services means that the customer consciously entered into contractual conditions and accepted the rules for the provision of services by Complex "Pegasa Pils," the requirements of the legislator of the Republic of Latvia, the activities of the bank, regulated by the "Law on Credit Institutions," and the rules of the International Hotel booking portal, each of which entails financial obligations.

    After receiving the transaction for the receipt of services from the client, contractual relations arise between Complex "Pegasa Pils" and the Client. The Agreement is concluded between Kurorta-rehabilitāvas administrācija, āmtnieciebas, sanatorija Pegasa Pils, com, and the client for the receipt of services.

    The client receives the agreed Guaranteed services, strictly in accordance with the rules and conditions for the receipt of services.

    Otherwise, the Client receives agreed services on the date of the Application, which are not guaranteed. Kurorta-rehabilitāvas administrācija, āmtnieciebas, sanatorija Pegasa Pils, com, do not bear responsibility.

    Complex "Pegasa Pils" has the right to provide services to ANY other client who has timely paid for the services.

    The provided service is a specific action performed by employees to fulfill the obligations undertaken in accordance with the "Consumer Protection Law" and other regulatory acts regulating various types of activities.

    Non-provided service is the non-performance by employees of the obligations undertaken to provide paid services.

    Deficiency of the service is the non-compliance of the service with mandatory requirements stipulated by law or established order, or the conditions of the contract or purposes for which the service of such a type is usually used, or the purposes about which the consumer was informed when concluding the contract.

    Serious violation of the rules of residence and stay in the Hotel is a situation in which the behavior of the Hotel guest hinders the Performer and its staff from properly performing their duties to provide services and ensure the rest of the guests, or his (guest's) actions insult the honor and dignity of the serving staff or guests, and also violate the norms of legislation and this Regulation.

    A hotel room is provided to the Guest (Client) after full prepayment and/or upon presentation of a voucher issued to him based on a passport and/or driver's license.

    2.9.1. In the event of the need to extend the stay in the room for less than one day and the availability of vacant rooms (spaces), payment for late checkout is charged as follows:

    • Until 12:00 after the check-out time (from 12:00 to 23:59) – payment for half a day;
    • From 12:00 to 24:00 after the check-out time (after 24:00) – payment for a full day.

    2.9.2. The Performer provides the following types of services without additional payment:

    • Emergency medical assistance;
    • Delivery of mail to the room upon its receipt;
    • Wake-up call at a specific time based on the guest's written request.

    Unconfirmed booking refers to reservations without payment, and in such cases, the reserved room (service) may be allocated to anyone who arrives earlier or pays.

    Due to the extremely high occupancy of the center during certain periods, guests are recommended to book services in advance at the KOMPLEKSS Pegasa Pils center.

    Unconfirmed booking is a reservation where the hotel bears no responsibility to the guest in case of a lack of available rooms upon the guest's arrival.

    This unpleasant news may await anyone who booked a hotel without payment. The main condition for guaranteed booking is full payment for the entire period (day) of stay.

    In this case, the hotel is insured against the risk of "no-show," i.e., the client's non-arrival and room vacancy.

    Booking on request involves at least two interactions with the system: a request and then a response regarding the booking result. Booking on request can be guaranteed; in this case, after the client receives a positive booking result, the order must be paid before the service begins, or unconfirmed, which is internet reservation.

    Check-in time to the hotel (service provision) and check-out time from the hotel (completion of service provision) must be adhered to.

    Guests must follow the rules for using the Hotel's infrastructure, as specified in the documentation board of each facility.

    Guests must adhere to fire safety rules on all hotel premises.

    During the period from 23:00 to 09:00, guests must observe silence and avoid causing inconvenience to other hotel guests.

    Timely payment of the bill for additional services rendered is required.

    In case of loss of the key (guest card), the Guest must immediately inform the head of the Reception and Accommodation Service to prevent damage to the Hotel Guest by third parties. The Hotel Guest bears losses for transactions conducted until the moment of notification to the management about the loss.

    Guests must preserve the property of the Hotel, including that temporarily provided. In case of loss or damage to the property, compensation must be provided, and responsibility must be taken for other violations.

    Upon identification of an infectious disease or suspicion of such a disease, the guest must immediately undergo laboratory examination and medical observation or treatment. If the guest poses a danger to others, mandatory hospitalization or isolation is required. The refusal of the guest to provide a document from a medical institution about the absence of danger to others from an infectious disease or suspicion of it gives the Performer grounds to terminate the service contract immediately.

    Building fires in unauthorized places is prohibited.

    Taking dishes and food from the restaurant during its operation in the buffet mode is not allowed.

    Carrying and consuming alcoholic beverages not purchased in the Hotel in restaurants, cafes, and bars is prohibited. In case of violation of these requirements, a corkage fee is charged according to the Hotel's current price list.

    The storage and unauthorized use of pyrotechnic products are prohibited.

    Any loss must be promptly reported to the hotel administration. Otherwise, the hotel is released from any responsibility.

    Rules for Staying with Pets at Kompleks "Pegasa Pils" Boutique Hotel 4 SPA & Resort:

    1. Insurance Amount:

      • Upon check-in with pets, a insurance amount of 50.00 euros must be paid by the guest to cover potential damages to furniture, wallpaper, etc.
      • After assessing the damage, an act is prepared, and the amount is withheld proportionally.
    2. Booking and Registration of Stay:

      • Pet owners must register the stay of their pets before room reservation and make payments according to the Hotel's protocol.
      • Failure to comply results in a fine of over 100 euros per pet, plus the cost of accommodation.
    3. Types of Pets:

      • Staying with small breeds of dogs and cats is allowed (weighing up to 10 kg and with a shoulder height of up to 30 cm).
      • The hotel reserves the right to determine the possibility of accommodating specific pets.
    4. Owner's Responsibilities:

      • Walking is only allowed in specially designated areas.
      • Guests must clean up after their pets.
      • Use of the hotel's utensils for feeding pets is prohibited.
    5. Restrictions and Fines:

      • Pets are not allowed in the room without supervision.
      • Fine of 50 euros for rule violations, police will be called.
      • Presence of pets on the children's playground without supervision is prohibited.
      • A fine of 50 euros for using hotel bed linen for pets.
    6. Additional Restrictions:

      • Combing pets in the room is prohibited.
      • Bathing pets in the bath, pool, fountain, or sea is prohibited.
      • Only one pet is allowed per room. Guest is responsible for:
        • Feeding, cleaning, and walking the pet.
        • All expenses for potential damage to the hotel's property caused by the pet.
        • Cleaning up after the pet's waste.
        • All risks associated with the pet's behavior and its presence in the room.
    7. Rates for Staying with Pets:

      • According to the hotel's protocol (Table 1), the cost of accommodating one pet per night.
      • Violations may result in fines up to 400 euros.
    8. Hotel's Discretion:

      • The hotel does not provide special mats or blankets for pets.
      • The hotel does not provide food or special bowls for feeding pets.
      • The hotel reserves the right to terminate the agreement with a guest staying with pets in case of rule violations, aggressive, inappropriate, or noisy behavior of the pet.
    9. Please write us for send table 1 for price for pet.  
      • Cancellation Conditions and Procedure for Services:

        1. Cancellation Request:

          • Cancellation of a reservation or service order is accepted directly from the client and only in written form.
          • The client submits a written statement on paper addressed to the director.
          • The statement should include motivation, reasons, goals, and other relevant information.
          • The client must fully specify their details; otherwise, the application will not be considered.
          • Statements or details from a third party will not be considered.
        2. Termination of Service Agreement:

          • If the service agreement is terminated, and a refund for paid but unrealized services is required, the hotel guest will be reimbursed in accordance with these rules, agreements with partners, and the legislation of the Republic.
        3. Hotel's Non-Responsibility:

          • The hotel is not responsible for the guest's health if they consume drinks and products purchased outside the hotel premises.
          • The hotel is not responsible for the safety of documents, money, other currencies, and valuables in case of rule violations.
        4. Cancellation for Individual Clients:

          • If the reservation for an individual client is canceled:
            • At least 5 days before check-in, the client is refunded the full payment, minus processing and banking expenses (35%).
            • At least 3 days before check-in, the client is refunded 40% of the payment.
            • At least 2 days before check-in, the client is refunded 15% of the payment.
            • If the written request is submitted less than 2 days before check-in, no refund is made.
        5. Cancellation for Groups (5 or More People):

          • The contracting firm agrees to compensate Komplekss “Pegasa Pils” (Resort Hotel) for actual expenses in case of cancellation:
            • 27-20 days before check-in or service date – minus 30% of the total order cost.
            • 19-14 days before check-in or service date – minus 40% of the total order cost.
            • 13 days before check-in or service date – 75% of the total order cost.
            • Less than 7 days before check-in or service date – minus 100% of the total order cost.
        6. Cancellation for Groups (5 or More People) during High Season (June 1 to August 31):

          • The firm must compensate the hotel as follows:
            • 10-15 days before check-in – 90% compensation of the total order cost.
            • 15-30 days before check-in – 50% compensation of the total order cost.
            • Less than 10 days – No refund.