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Restaurant Menu



Eggplants salad with goat cheese mousse, raspberry vinaigrette , nuts     8.50



Cesar salad with chicken fillet / with tiger shrimps – with Romano salad, cherry,

    paipal egg, home-made anchovy sauce, crutons      8.50 / 11.50



Salad with avocado , shrimps, mildly salted salmon, citrus emulsion – greens, cherry   1.50



Salmon tartar, marinated, cream cheese, Pesto sauce, quail egg, bread    11.95



Beef tartar – onion, marinated mushrooms, bread, Avocado pasta, quail egg   12.95



Mini Mocarella with marinated pumpkin, tomato salsa and avocado pasta  7.95




White boletus soup     7,20



Sturgeon soup with vegetables, crayfish tails, black mussels    17.90



Spicy meat soup with vegetables (solyanka)   6.80



Hot Snacks



Spaghetti Mavinara – seafood and tiger prawns, cherry, cancer sauce    11.95



Home made in Latvian style dumplings with lamb boiled in cheese broth, served with greens  8.95



Risotto Verde with green pea, mushrooms, zuccini, eggplants, basilik Pesto, cheese  8,55



Antipasta – snacks for 2 person



Meat anti-pasta – garlic bread, Beef tongue, home-made lardon,

                            Parma ham,  cream cheese with mustard, marinated mushrooms  16.50



Seafood Anti-pasta – Royal Prawns, cold smoked eel, seafoods, salted salmon   21.50



Cheese antipasta – 4 types of cheese, nuts, grapes, orange, honey   10.50



Mildly salted herring with marinated honey agaric mushrooms, potatoes and sour cream 5.25



Cold smoked eel with horseradish and apple sauce    22.50



Hot Fish Dishes


Halibut fillet with Benedict egg with asparagus and red salmon caviar   18.95



Cannier Lake carp with tomato Schaffran broth, grilled tomato and zucchini chifonade    12.50



Salmon fillet on coals with exotic fruit salad and Port wine caramelised onion /D/J 16.50


Grilled royal tiger shrimps with strawberry chatni, mango sauce, wakame salad   19.95




Latvian sturgeon fillet with grilled tomato, cauliflower mousse

                                                                            and passionflower butter sauce  19,95




Hot Meal Dishes


hicken fillet, roasted with eggplants and Mozzarella    12,55



Turkey fillet on coals with saffron pear, leek confiture and orange bourbon sauce 14,55



Duck fillet roasted with boletus orizolo, and with Porto sauce   15.80



 Beef fillet steak with garlic rosemary, roasted with butter potatoes

                                                and with cappuccino boletus sauce   21.95



Grilled mutton with bone with mashed parsnips, garlic grill, sauted cabbage   22.50



Slow cooked pork ribs with baked potatoes, garlic green butter and home-made BBQ sauce  13.75



Pork chop steak baked on coals, with grilled radichio cabbage, cauliflower mousse   

                 and Kinza pesto   14,25  /





             Roasted boiled potatoes with greens and butter    3.50



Grilled vegetables — zuccini, eggplant, paprika    4.95




Home-made Napoleon cake with fresh berries and with strawberry sauce   6.50



Hot apple strudel with vanil ice-cream with fresh caramel souce   6.50



Chocolate fondant with home made vanil ice-cream – fresh berries, strawberry sauce   6.50



Vanil ice-cream with hot chocolate, sour cream and fresh strqwberries   5.50



Bon appetite!